OP Space

Satellite Propulsion & Program Management

Who We Are

We're engineering consultants based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in propulsion systems engineering and program management for LEO & GEO satellites

Extensive Experience

OP Space has a combined 34 years of professional experience designing, building, and testing both large & small satellites

LEO SmallSats

Six years combined experience with the SkySat high resolution Earth observation constellation; first to launch and operate ECAPS' LMP-103S green monopropellant. First to integrate, launch, and operate Enpulsion's indium FEEP electric propulsion system into a 3U cubesat. Agile aerospace mindset and philosophy.

GEO Satellites

Deep background in extremely high reliability satellite design, integration, and test. 25 years combined experience ranging from spacecraft configuration design, integration and test, to propulsive orbit raising mission operations

What We Do

Our services

We offer aerospace program management & propulsion system engineering support.
Some examples are:

Propulsion Systems

Size & specify a chemical and/or electric propulsion system to achieve mission requirements for VLEO, LEO and GEO applications. Perform supplier oversight & management. Provide technical due diligence.

Program & Mission Management

Lead execution of program goals by providing a decision-making framework around suppliers, specific subsystems, or entire satellites. Manage resources to achieve program schedule and deliverables.

Launch Campaign Support & On-Orbit Operations

Support launch campaign propellant loading operations. Develop high fidelity propellant tracking process to accurately predict end-of-life. Simulate burn performance before maneuver and anchor to as-executed data.

Integration & Test

Provide experienced results proven processes to successfully integrate components, subsystems and satellites. Oversee technical test campaign and integration schedule. Create automated test reports.

OP Space

Our Team

Pete Friedhoff

Satellite Propulsion Systems Engineer & TPM

Olivia Ryu

Aerospace Program Manager & TPM
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